A website that is not easily found is practically dead - and therefore useless. Discover how you can maximize your dentist marketing efforts on the internet and enhance your digital visibility in this blog.

Newcomers are often invisible

Google Search or business directories are often the first port of call for entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals to get found by customers and patients. However, disillusionment tends to set in quickly at the staggering numbers of competitors advertising their services on these directories. Nobody will find you there initially, particularly if you are a newcomer.

Essential for effective practice marketing: local search visibility

For this reason, you should check out additional possibilities for enhancing your visibility - you can for instance focus on specific factors in Google to maximize your local visibility. You will find the most important possibilities for enhancing your visibility in the checklist below for downloading. The checklist will tell you

  • how to choose an option that matches your time and budget,
  • where to place local entries,
  • what you should consider in your social media activities and
  • it will draw your attention to the importance of dedicated health care directories and rating portals.

We are happy to offer our Dentist Blog readers the checklist free of charge for download. Please fill out this form!